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JD Michael, LLC was founded by five professionals who previously worked for the Illinois Department of Revenue. Our professionals possess over 100 years of experience in the taxes administered by Illinois Revenue with particular emphasis on business related taxes, such as sales, corporate income and withholding taxes. 

The backgrounds of the staff members provide unique insight into the Illinois Department of Revenue's audit, collection, legislative, registration and dispute resolution processes. 

Their knowledge of that agency's operations enables them to cut through the bureaucracy and respond quickly and effectively to client needs. 

JD Michael's goal is to provide comprehensive tax services to enable businesses to achieve their goals.

Our Commitment to You


Your business need not go it alone.


Rely on our numerous years of experience and firsthand knowledge to assist your business. We want to help you in resolving any oustanding issues you may already have and prepare you to avoid the hazards in complying

with Illinois tax law.