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JD Michael,  has a solid history of helping Illinois taxpayers resolve tax problems, manage tax audits, and assure compliance with tax laws.  It provides an array of tax-related assistance for businesses, non-profits, and government entities in both Illinois and other states.  JD Michael's in-depth knowledge of state and local tax laws and previous experience working with the Illinois Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service, lets us cut through the red tape and respond quickly to our clients' needs. 

Tax Resolution

Don’t panic if you receive an unexpected tax notice.  JD Michael knows collection actions can be intimidating and time consuming, but we will stand with you to make sure that you are treated fairly.  JD Michael staff will analyze your case and work with you and the Illinois Department of Revenue, or in some cases the Internal Revenue Service, to resolve your tax problem.

JD Michael has successfully represented many clients  who have had tax liabilities, penalties, and interest abated or waived.  Specifically, we have filed successful actions with the Illinois Department of Revenue’s Board of Appeals and the Problems Resolution Division, as well as with the Internal Revenue Service’s Offer and Compromise Program.  In addition, we can help with license revocations, wage or bank levies, or other situations where action is being taken to enforce collection of taxes owed.  We will arrange for payment programs when tax liabilities are finalized or cannot be reduced.

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Audit Management

Each year thousands of businesses are selected for a tax audit. Because JD Michael understands the audit process and knows what an auditor will be looking for, we can help you manage the audit process effectively.  We are committed to providing a fair review and ensuring that the Illinois Department of Revenue auditor is reviewing for overpaid items as well as underpaid transactions.

Since 2003, we have successfully provided input and direction to clients resulting in significant reductions to proposed audit liabilities.  Our goal is to get the correct result at the lowest level (with the auditor), but if necessary we will recommend further actions.  We have successfully represented numerous clients before the Illinois Department of Revenue’s Informal Conference Board and the Administrative Hearings Section when we believed an auditor’s decision should be challenged.

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Tax Planning and Compliance Analysis

JD Michael staff stays up-to-date on current and proposed legislation related to business taxation and understands Illinois tax law and the Illinois Department of Revenue’s interpretations and rules.  We will examine your business operations and assist you in structuring your operations to take full advantage of any exemptions, deductions, or credits to which you are entitled.  Our analysis of your business will ensure your future compliance and will also assist you in recovering any past overpayments.

Since 2003, JD Michael has worked with many clients to secure refunds from vendors regarding sales taxes paid in error.  Additionally, we have filed claims on behalf of clients to recover tax erroneously paid on returns filed with the state.

We have also worked with several large companies to design and implement internal systems and processes aimed at simplifying tax compliance responsibilities.  Specifically, this has included system development of the Direct Payment Program and the Manufacturer’s Purchase Credit (MPC).

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New Business Registration

Registering a new business or changing the structure of an existing one can be confusing and time consuming.  JD Michael will help you navigate that process to ensure that your business meets all registration requirements for all state and local agencies and will ensure you are aware of all tax filing requirements, both state and federal.

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Tax Law and Policy Analysis

Each day brings new statutes, regulations, letter rulings, or policies. Our professionals will thoroughly analyze new information and determine what is pertinent to your organization. We will keep you current on emerging issues and changes.

Many states and local governments face the challenge of restoring public finances while still supporting economic growth. We can offer the following services to entities both within and outside Illinois:

  • Provide legal and policy analysis of existing and proposed tax legislation
  • Analyze existing tax structures, provide tax revenue forecasting, and make recommendations on how tax structures can best be designed to support growth

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Economic Analysis

Businesses, non-profits, and governments are often called on to conduct an economic analysis to help develop policies and programs. JD Michael can provide the following services to entities both within and outside Illinois:

  • Economic impact or cost-benefit analysis to support project development
  • Analysis of underlying economic issues that impact your organization
  • Development of analyses and models to help predict future trends impacting your organization

Our analyses and recommendations are independent and data driven.

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Tax Administration Analysis and Solutions

Are you a government entity that does not have the time or staff to investigate internal problems and recommend solutions?  JD Michael staff possess the knowledge and experience to do this for you. If you are a tax administration government entity seeking to improve your processes or systems, we will:

  • Assess your current practices
  • Identify and compare your processes with other similar government entities
  • Investigate trends in technology
  • Make recommendations for improving those processes or systems?

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Tax Seminars and Workshops

Understanding tax requirements can be confusing. JD Michael staff possess the knowledge and experience to provide a hands-on, practical approach to tax education. Our training programs include clear presentations of rules and regulations with insight into procedures and processes. We will design and conduct training seminars and workshops on all facets of state and local taxation and will focus our presentations on your needs.

Since 2003, JD Michael, LLC has conducted a number of sales tax training classes and seminars in conjunction with various industry associations. Specifically, we have worked with the Illinois Manufacturers Association, Illinois Auto Dealers Association, Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association, Illinois Chamber of Commerce, and Illinois Veterinary Medicine Association providing seminars specifically tailored to their membership.

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